innovation readiness

Innovation Readiness AssessmentAre you innovation ready?

How can I measure innovation?
How innovative am I compared to my industry peers?
Where are my strongest and weakest links in my innovation chain?
Do I have a balanced innovation portfolio that can sustain my growth?
What are the root causes to my operational weaknesses?
If you are asking yourself these questions, but don’t have the answers yet, then the Innovation Readiness Assessment is just what you need to figure it out.
We are a certified consultant to the IMP³rove Innovation Assessment, which is considered the de-facto innovation-auditing platform in Europe that was jointly developed by A.T. Kearney, Fraunhofer and the European Commission. This assessment provides you with an indication of your innovation competitiveness, and it helps you determine the ingredients you need for the growth of your company. Almost 5000 businesses– mostly in Europe – have already benefitted from the IMP³rove Assessment. Now, you can too!

In this intervention, executives will experience a hands-on setup, where they actively respond to the readiness assessment and get real time feedback on their companies’ innovation readiness. This will leave them with a holistic innovation readiness assessment, a benchmark against their European counterparts as well as a full root cause analysis report.
We will pinpoint your problems, your areas of strengths, and most importantly, where they are coming from! Get ready as we unveil some of the most eye-opening insights about your company.

So, what are we promising You?

Benchmark your company according to geographical location, industry type, size and age

Understand how to better compete in the market

Learn what your competitors already do to secure their markets and their profitable growth

Get professional support to identify the most important areas for improving your competitiveness level

Demonstrate to your customers/or potential investors your growth potential and competitive strengths

Our Step-By-Step Process

Step 1

The IMP³rove assessment measures the performance of key indicators for successful innovation along the 5 dimensions of the “A.T. Kearney House of Innovation”. The dimensions are: Innovation Strategy, Innovation Organization and Culture, Innovation Life Cycle Processes, Enabling Factors and Innovation Results

Step 2

Your company’s innovation capabilities are benchmarked to the industry’s best in class using a spider diagram. The benchmarking class can be according to geographical location, industry type, as well as size and age of the company.

Step 3

Final reports summarizing the results

Innovation readiness assessment report: a full description of the analysis findings across the 5 dimensions. We will tell you what is going well, what is going wrong, and what could be done better.

Root cause analysis report: a deeper, more detailed insight beyond the assessment, informing you of the sound basis for further actions. It provides you with a very detailed analysis and evaluation of your company’s innovation management performance. It complements the results of the innovation assessment by providing insights into the root causes of your strengths and weaknesses in Innovation Management. It will also help you benchmark yourself against your industry peers, which gives a clear indication for which innovation levers should be addressed to improve and sustain growth.

Therefore, if you want to know why it is challenging for you to successfully take your ideas to market; why your departments have weak communication links; why your internal processes are holding you back, then you have come to the right place.

Interested in our Innovation Readiness Assessment services?

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