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Lean InnovationWork Smarter Not Harder

How would you feel after you spend six months developing a product that nobody wants? Haven’t you wished you could get insights about your new product during those months? No matter what is the product you are working on, through our Cupcake Model, we can help you design and create a Minimum Viable Product.
Rather than baking a plain cake that nobody would buy, start with a cupcake to test your vision. That way you create a complete desirable product that will provide you with feedback from your target customer and allow you to safely iterate it into a cake. No matter what industry you are in, we can help you create a desirable product or service, test your vision, save on resources and accelerate your business growth.

During our lean innovation program, we will guide you through the principles of lean innovation. We will help you launch and validate new innovations. We will provide you with the skills and necessary tools to build a successful business model, achieve product/market fit, develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and learn from customer feedback.

So, what are we promising You?The “IDEA” objectives

Identify and engage your first customers

Develop a Minimum Viable Product to test your idea

Establish the right business model

Assess and learn from customers’ feedback

Our Step-By-Step Process

Step 1: Need finding & synthesis: identifying the exact needs of the users we will be targeting.
Step 2: Identify the Concept: generating a wide range of product concepts that address the needs identified.
Step 3: Design Thinking: This phase ensures that we fail fast and cheap by creating low-resolution prototypes.
Step 4: Minimum Viable Product: define what the first iteration of our product will be.
Step 5: Business Model & Iteration: To make sure that a solid business model is coupled with the developed product concept, we go through an engaging activity with the potential customers to ensure that the product meets market needs.

Success Stories From Our ClientsSell Your Products in Boxes


A magazine and an online shopping portal that offers its members the latest products and items’ recommendations.

Innovety has helped the company reshape customers’ experience with the new Discovery Box. The gift box includes all of the magazine’s exclusive products delivered to their door step.

How Did We Do It?
We started by BUILDING an MVP: a single landing page for the company to market its new products online, and to gain insights into customers’ interests and preferences. After MEASURING conversion rates, average repeat customer rates and analyzing customers’ interests and feedbacks, we DISCOVERED that selling new products in small boxes would be more appealing to the customers.

Interested in our Lean Innovation services?

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