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National Innovation Policies & StrategiesDeveloping the national foundation

Regional and national competitiveness has become the central topic for the economic and technology policy worldwide. Nowadays, innovation is at the core of competitiveness and of high priority in the Middle Eastern countries and surrounding areas.

Innovation-based economy is currently re-formulating the traditional economy theory through consolidating knowledge, technology, leadership and creativity. It deals with them as basic foundations of the economy instead of independent powers. Economists believe that growth driver in the innovation-based economies is not the accumulation of capital but innovation-based capabilities and knowledge as a final product. National innovation can be reflected in the formation of its ecosystem, the quality of its human capital, or through its business sophistication, among others.

The activation of national innovation is where Innovety work with governmental and non-governmental institutions. Through adopting policies and strategies for implementing them, and through strengthening links between the components of this system, we believe that’s the key and might be the only driver to achieve competitive and sustainable development.

We recommend structured and well-analyzed policies & strategies to stimulate national innovation, using bottom up and top down solutions and processes. By setting appropriate framework conditions, programs targeting socio-economic issues, actions as well as by public and organizational investments in infrastructure, education and funding innovation-stimulating programs.

So, what are we promising You?

Determining the main barriers to be addressed & resources to be mobilized

Building key national indices that reflect current issues and potential threat

Guiding policy makers, government, and international organizations to make the choice of adopting the best innovation practices & how this reflects on local success stories

Formulating a solid ground for intra-&inter-industry benchmarking, locally and worldwide.

Localizing initiatives and prioritizing them to a country’s market, economy, and society

Highlighting the size of innovation achieved in terms of production, export value and information generation across a country’s sectors

Our Step-By-Step Process

Bottom up approach: Establishing Innovation & Competitive Indices

The most effective path to accelerating prosperity requires the understanding of a national or regional economy and the enhancement of its competitiveness, hence measuring it. We aim at developing innovation indices to provide the basis for better policymaking around innovation. In doing so, we will have clear-cut vision of one of the fundamental determinants of prosperity.

Top down approach: Macro-level market studies

Clusters, ecosystems and collaborative communities are a different way of looking at stakeholders within a national system. They are drivers in today’s knowledge and the building blocks of the socio-economic environment. Work involving deep analysis and mobilization of these blocks within an economy achieves some of the most impactful results. This approach includes a top-down process of knowledge creation, processing and storing to drive futuristic recommendations and actions.

Step 1: Market research:
Compiling comprehensive data through in-depth primary and secondary research based on pre-set methodology design and assessment of the motivations, barriers and enablers.

Step 2: Setting Pillars and goals:
Putting together the strategic framework that will be adopted, which presents concrete steps to be undertaken. The study can investigate different impactful components in the national innovation system, such as, supply chain of industrial clusters, stakeholders driving specific sectors, ecosystems mapping, cultural & creative economies…etc, which will affect every proceeding steps in the offering.

Step 3: Develop measures:
Measurable goals and clearly defined actions need to be linked to each of the pre-set goals (which can later be associated with the relevant KPIs).

Step 4: Prioritize:
Based on the defined Goals and pillars, we would highlight a number of directions that need focus.

Step 5: Create recommendations:
Based on the defined Goals and pillars, we would highlight a number of directions that need focus. Developing solid recommendations based on previous tasks to drive strategies, policies, actions and programs. These set of recommendations consider multiple affecting factors such as political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental. Data demonstration can also be customized according the overall objective to offer not only offline reporting but content digitization to ease access and foster collaboration.

Therefore, if you want to know why it is challenging for you to successfully take your ideas to market; why your departments have weak communication links; why your internal processes are holding you back, then you have come to the right place.

Interested in our National Innovation Policies & Strategies?

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