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Master Technical Documentation Reviews: A Guide

An SOP should be reviewed as if the reviewer were executing the procedure. Review the steps of the SOP to ensure they flow in a logical manner. Technical documentation reviews always carry a risk of error. In the next few subsections, let’s examine the most common mistakes technical reviewers make and arm you with strategies to avoid them.

what is technical review

That’s why reviewers of user guides should concentrate on simplifying complex information and providing users with an excellent user experience. In fact, technical writers often say that getting SMEs to review their documentation is one of the most difficult parts of their job. Technical Reviews are documented and uses a defect detection process that has peers and technical specialist as part of the review process. The final thought is that the document review process and the framework to facilitate the review are impeccable. If you really want to go for a 4, here is some additional advice on writing good paper reviews. Consider it guidance about the kind of review you should aspire to write.

What is Technical review in software testing?

But candidates applying for roles in marketing, finance, sales, or outside of the tech industry may also have to complete a technical interview in order to showcase related technical skills. The review process for each of these options changes based on the stage of the review. The object of this stage is to get the vendor off and running with the project with a firm understanding of the scope.

  • It is not always the case that the document writer would be an expert on the technicalities of a feature compared to technical personnel working on the same product.
  • Give reviewers at least 48 hours to review even a short document and a week for anything over 20 pages.
  • These reviewers can also help review sections to help ensure accuracy before the official review process.
  • A software technical review is examined by a team of qualified software engineers for the suitability of the software product.
  • Many CMS platforms provide an option or integration to measure the document’s readability.
  • As communication specialists, we can–and should–take steps to facilitate communication throughout the review process, which is the core of a successful review.
  • Structure of the document – The structure of the document refers to how the information has been organized.

In the glossary we gather the main specialized terms that are frequently used in the working process. All meanings are written according to their generally accepted international interpretation. For convenience, you can use the search bar to simplify and speed up the search process. Instead, the reviewers of the documentation are often only the people that are too close to the project and can’t accurately pinpoint the parts of the documentation users are struggling with.

How to Write a Technical Review

It would be best if you also were transparent about the purpose of the review and the criteria used to evaluate the review. For example, In a SaaS company, the developer can be considered a Subject matter expert as they develop the feature that the technical writer documents. Here’s a particularly nice review from a former CS331 student who gave me permission to share it. I like this review not just because it adheres to the form of a technical review, but also because it is thoughtful, utilizing outside facts to make a counterargument against the paper.

Here are also two article about common mistakes in writing technical documentation and documentation mistakes developers should avoid. They are also distinct from software audit reviews, which are conducted by personnel external to the project, to evaluate compliance with specifications, standards, contractual agreements, or other criteria. The IEEE defines formal structures, roles, and processes for software peer reviews.

Technical peer review

The primary audience for this type of documentation are developers, but those on the client’s side and not your internal team. As far as audiences are concerned, deployment documentation lies somewhere between end-users and developers. Therefore, the final look and user experience for this document aren’t as important as with some other end-user-oriented documentation. Finally, it’s always a good idea to have people outside of the company test the documentation before it becomes available to the public. Support staff can review your documentation and tell you exactly which parts of it they predict users will have trouble with.

The different phases of the review can also be custom set by the Document360 project owner or admin. If you decide to hire an independent reviewer to conduct a peer review of your documentation, you must do so fairly and transparently. You must provide detailed instructions about what needs to be reviewed and what should be done during the review process. You can also provide feedback from previous reviews to give the reviewer a clear idea of what needs to be done during the review process.

Technical review definition

In a walkthrough, the author of the software document presents the document to other persons which can range from 2 to 7. When reviewing a Microsoft Word document, utilize the built-in tools at your disposal. Use the Split Window under the View header to split the revision history from the rest of the document. Utilize the Next/Previous change options under the Review header to cycle through the changes to ensure all changes were captured in the revision history.

what is technical review

Accordingly, it makes sense to make review responsibilities a priority for developers. Facilitate meetings and interviews between writers and developers so that writers can collect the information they need. Requirements are an interesting type of document because their audience is the internal team, including stakeholders other than developers, such as business analysts, executives, and marketing and salespeople. Simplification and readability aren’t as important for this document because its audience are developers with programming knowledge who require no intricate explanations. If all of the necessary information is there, reviewers can thoroughly test the documentation to see if it generates the desired results .

What is Technical review?

A 3 is a great review– it informs your fellow “scientists” and helps them make informed decisions. If you want advice on writing a great or outstanding review, come see me! I am always happy to work with someone to improve their writing. Give reviewers at least 48 hours to review even a short document and a week for anything over 20 pages.

A ‘Technical Review’ may also refer to an acquisition lifecycle event or Design review. Technical review differs from software walkthroughs in its specific focus on the technical quality of the product reviewed. It differs from software inspection in its ability to suggest direct alterations to the product reviewed, and its lack of a direct focus on training and process improvement. Each job posting lists “required” and “recommended” skills; these can often help you understand the tools and skills you’ll need. If the job posting is still available, take time to review it and make a list of the tools, programs, and skills detailed in the description. Note what you know, so you can highlight it during your interview.

Conducting Effective Team Technical Reviews

This is the version that usually gets turned over to the customer so the vendor can start commissioning the changes to the system. In an inefficient review process, documents are over-edited by experts of the same type, while also not getting enough attention from reviewers of other backgrounds. Only with a well-defined review process everyone is familiar with can you consistently produce quality documentation to serve your users. Product team reviews are carried out by software developers or other people involved in the development of the product. If the documentation is extremely important, it would be worthwhile to spend the extra money to hire an independent reviewer.

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